About me

About me

I have loved dancing for as long as I can remember and have danced many different dance styles, everything from Swedish folk dance to salsa.

Something completely new opened up when I attended a workshop for the first time where it was not about dancing a choreographed dance with specific steps. Instead, I was free to dance exactly as I wanted. My body and soul loved it and felt an incredible sense of freedom and joy! The dance went straight into the heart and it became a way for me to find home. Find a home in my own body and get to know it and its life energy, and also myself and my soul.

I usually say that dancing is the fastest way for me to feel how I feel, what is going on under the surface of emotions and thoughts.
Dance is like a key where I can open different rooms within me and gain access to, among other things, memories, wisdom and inspiration in life.

I started dancing 5 Rytmer eighteen years ago and immediately felt that this was what I had been longing for. That movement meditation has since then been my main inspiration and which I danced a lot, both in Sweden and abroad. Right now I am training to become a 5Rytmer teacher.

I attended the Body Movement Coach training in 2011/2012 and after that I started leading my Body and Soul Movement.

Dance is my great passion and I love to share it. I have dance workshops, retreats, family dance, baby dance, dance in nature with silent disco headphones, dance with live musicians and more. I now live in Höör and mainly have my business in Malmö and in Höör.

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